Now open, with CDC guidelines in place.  I am choosing not to take your temperature, since 100.4 is considered abnormal and I think even 99 can be concerning.  Most adults know they are sick even with a temp of only 99.  Do not come if you have any symptoms of illness at all.  A tickle in the throat counts.  Cough, fever, feeling achy . . . definitely stay home. No cancellation fee for this.  


I will open doors for you and you can wash hands and leave from a separate exit. I am separating appointments, having patients wait in car if possible, cleaning the chair and all surfaces.  


That said, any trip you make, any appointment or errand of any kind, can expose you to the virus.  If you are worried, STAY HOME.  The risk is not zero and you accept this risk if you make an appointment.  And please DO NOT BE LATE as overlap of patients is not allowed. Ok, then . . .  looking forward to seeing you (:

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