UPDATE and many thanks for all the well-wishes!  

The month of May will remain closed, but June is opening up for Botox/Dysport as I get a better sense of recovery from the May 6 back surgery.  I have also opened new patient consults in June since filler is what my body can't manage until a bit later (requires a lean and twist motion that I can't do until at least 6 weeks post-op).  

Filler patients scheduled in June have been or may be cancelled-  please go ahead and take a back up appointment in July or email me for help.  I may be able to do filler starting around June 20, but it's too soon to tell.  Sorry for the inconvenience! 

Thank you!  Email: DrFoster@TamFosterMD.com

San Francisco 2101 Scott Street in Pacific Heights.

Sebastopol Sadie's Vineyard  8870/8872 Bodega Hwy. 
Please continue to wear a mask in the waiting area.   Sorry, NO DOGS
If you or your household contacts have been ill in the past 10 days or have had any potential exposures, kindly reschedule. 

Botox® and Dysport®
Dermal Fillers 

 Email or call with any questions. 

Please read your consent forms-

All injection procedures carry some risk. 


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