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Rates (subject to change without notice)


Botox® or Dysport®

$14/unit if under 30 units.  $13/unit if 30- 40 units.  $12/unit for 40 or more.  

It's easier to talk about all the toxins in 'Botox units' even though the units/doses are different.  For example, Dysport is 1/3 the price per unit but requires 3x the units.


Touch ups within 4 weeks are $12/unit (funny eyebrow fix is free).

Daxxify® is $10/unit but requires approximately twice as many units.  It lasts longer.  How long?  The jury is still out.  It seems to cost about the same per month, but might save you some time (and some pokes).  

Common price ranges for various areas (Botox or Dysport, not Daxxify)

  • Frown lines only $200-350 (an average for Daxxify is $400, so this area is worth it)

  • Entire forehead $320-480

  • Crow’s feet $200-350

  • Upper lip or chin $70-150

  • Neck (platysmal bands) $260-600

  • Underarms: $500-1000

  • TMJ $360-600

  • Trapezius (I do not recommend for "Barbie" look, but great if you are having painful tension in these muscles) $480-1200

       These are common ranges, there is wide variation among patients

PDO thread for skin rejuvenation.  (These are not the barbed or lifting type threads) $600 for 20-$1000 for 40. These small absorbable threads are another method of collagen-building to help treat and prevent crepey skin and fade horizontal lines in the neck ("tech neck"), augment the effect of filler and Botulinum toxins in the face, and even to improve tone and collagen content in areas like the top of the knees, buttocks, and back of the hands.  Minimal pain, some chance of bruising.  Should be done twice a year and/or combined with other treatments for best results.   

Dermal Fillers

Undereye or Lips:  $750 per session.  Not priced by syringe.  One recheck/touch up WITHIN 4 WEEKS is included.  

Juvederm® and almost any Restylane® product: $650 per syringe/$450 for half.

Voluma® $950 per syringe 

Volbella®and Vollure®  $750 per syringe 

Restylane Kysse®  $700 per syringe

Restylane Contour®  $850 per syringe

Volux® $900 per syringe (for jaw, mostly- lasts a long time, like Voluma)

These clear gels contain hyaluronate, a molecule natural to our body and safe enough to be used medically for injection into arthritic joints.  The dermal fillers address changes associated with the aging face by adding volume where it has been lost, improving contours and softening wrinkles. Cosmetic effects usually last 6-12 months in the lips, 9-18 months in the nasolabial folds and marionette lines, and 1-2 years in the cheeks and temple areas. 

Voluma® and Restylane Lyft® and Contour® are ideal for the upper face or jaw line, including cheeks, temples, and chin. Juvederm® and the other Restylane products are a bit softer in texture, best for natural-looking lip enhancement or treatment of marionette lines, "parentheses" and lower cheeks.  


All hyaluronate gel products treat earlobes, hands, even the neck when applied for general skin rejuvenation due to the stimulatory and hydrophilic effects.  New products appear regularly, and when I'm convinced one is safe and effective, I will have it for you.  

One syringe contains 1cc - a tiny volume of gel, often enough for young patients or for lips, but not enough for many other areas, such as cheeks, marionette lines, and "the parentheses." Bruising and swelling are more common than with Botox®.  All have been used safely for many years, but complications do occur.  Please be sure you read the consent forms.


Tiny injections of hyaluronic acid mixed with anesthetic are injected into the skin to improve texture, water-holding capacity, and resilience.  It is great for the neck and chest, and can be used on forearms, hands, or anywhere your skin is lax and thin. The cost is $700 per area (such as neck, chest, or hands). This is similar in theory to SkinVive® treatment.  

Kybella®:  For double chin or small areas of body fat, such as "bra fat" or tummy, especially to smooth out the scar area after C-section.  Depends on size of fat deposit, but usual cost is $800-$1200 per treatment.  A second treatment is required over 90% of the time.  At least half of patients need 3 treatments or more.  Cost may go down as the size of the fat deposit shrinks.  The good news:  fat loss from Kybella is permanent!

Sculptra® for buttock rejuvenation.  $1200 for 2 vials, lasts up to 2 years.  

Latisse®  $150 for 5cc size.  Available at any location or email me for delivery ($15).  

TRUSCULPT FLEX (not to treat fat, this one builds muscle)  SF only.  4 treatments should be scheduled within approximately 3 week timeframe for best results (no more than 7 days between treatments).  $700 per treatment (x 4) for an individual (two separate areas can be done, such as abs and quads) or $800 (x 4) for couples being treated together (one area each).  This must be scheduled by email since it's a challenge to get the timing right. One free maintenance treatment is offered 4-6 weeks later, and one maintenance treatment is recommended every 4-6 weeks after that.  

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